Pilates is very popular and highly beneficial with people of all ages and levels of fitness and flexibility, from people who have never embarked upon any form of exercise before to those who train everyday! It is a fantastic way to return to exercise, maintain and improve fitness, lose weight, build strength, and increase flexibility. The slow controlled, flowing movements primarily strengthen the core (abdominals) muscles, realign the body, and aid towards postural correction.

The Better Body Club believes in progression through exercise and so offers a full range of levels from Beginner to Advanced for both men & women.


Wednesdays 9.30am

Wednesdays 5.45pm

Thursdays 9.20am

The beginner classes will introduce you to the main principles of Pilates, such as concentration, breathing, control, precision and flow of movement and centering, building awareness of your own body’s strengths and weaknesses.

In these classes, you will be introduced to a range of basic Pilates exercises which will encourage increased strength and flexibility in the body however the main focus will be on learning and maintaining the correct technique and posture alignment so that as you progress on to improvers and then advanced levels to ensure that you get the most out of your session.


Fridays 8.30am

This class is ideal for members who have been attending classes for a while and wish to push the boundaries between Pilates and general fitness classes.

With dynamic tri-plane exercise sequences designed to test and improve your balance and all over body strength and fitness. Each sequence is explained and practiced and built onto the next sequence, so by the end of the class, a full flowing routine of movements is achieved.

OVER 50s


Thursdays 9.35am

The class starts with 10 minutes of gentle Qichong breathing and tai chi style warm up.

This is followed by Pilates and includes the occasional use of a Pilates ball and exercise bands to help stabilise and focus on the exercises.

It is a gentle and relaxing class and taught by Martine.


Tuesdays 9.00am

Improvers sessions are designed for those who have some knowledge of Pilates and have mastered the basic principles.

Improvers will be introduced to additional levels on familiar exercises and also to some new moves to improve strength and muscle tone. The class will have a slightly faster pace incorporating a sequence of moves before releasing those muscles with a stretch.



Thursdays 8.25am

The class starts with a tai chi style warm-up (good for strength and balance) and then moves onto some stretching and general mobilisation.

This is followed by a weights section or exercises with resistance bands and then some circuit-style fitness and Pilates exercises.



Tuesdays 10.15am

The Pilates Beginners/Rehab class is meticulously crafted to introduce individuals to the fundamental principles of Pilates while catering to those with joint or mobility concerns. This class emphasizes gentle movements, core stabilization, and flexibility exercises, providing a supportive environment for rehabilitation and fostering a solid understanding of Pilates principles for beginners.


Mondays to Thursdays

This Pilates class will offer progression from a standard Mat-Based Pilates class using weights, resistance bands, foam rollers and much more to really challenge the body in different ways. 

Focusing on functional fitness, flexibility, mobility and strength you will really feel the benefits of this great workout.


Wednesdays 9.45am

This class is ideal for the older adult or people with reduced mobility. It is also good for people recovering from an injury or operation, before they return to their normal exercise routine. We have designed it using a chair rather than a mat.

With a gentle Tai Chi style warm-up, the class moves on to stretches and mobility for all the major joints and works on balance and strength, finishing with relaxation. Stretchy bands and soft balls are used during the class. The aim is for a fun class where you will gently stretch and get moving, plus a chance to meet new people.



Mondays 7.15pm

Golf Fit for Men is a specialized Pilates class designed to address muscular issues, specifically tailored for men who play golf.

The program focuses on enhancing flexibility, core strength, and overall muscle function to improve golf performance and address common muscular challenges associated with the sport.