Over 50s & 60s

OVER 50s & 60s

Cardio exercise means doing a rhythmic activity that raises your heart rate into your target heart rate zone, the zone where you'll burn the most fat and calories. There are a number of other benefits to cardio exercise including; it can help strengthen the heart, improve lung capacity, increase bone density, improve quality of sleep, and help make you feel good. A number of our cardio classes also include strength and toning work.

Below you can see the cardio and strength & tone classes we have on offer.


Mondays 9.30am

This is an all round class that will help keep you fit and build your strength. The class has an aerobic section that will increase your heart rate without any high impact exercises, so easy on the knees! It also has a weight section which uses small hand weights.

The whole class is done to great music and can be attended by both men and women and suitable for all ages over 50 as there are plenty of adaptations of each exercise.

There are no mats involved, exercises are all taught in a standing position.

This class is taught by Martine.


Wednesdays 9.45am

This class is ideal for the older adult or people with reduced mobility. It is also good for people recovering from an injury or operation, before they return to their normal exercise routine. We have designed it using a chair rather than a mat.

With a gentle Tai Chi style warm-up, the class moves on to stretches and mobility for all the major joints and works on balance and strength, finishing with relaxation. Stretchy bands and soft balls are used during the class. The aim is for a fun class where you will gently stretch and get moving, plus a chance to meet new people.


Fridays 9.30am

This dance class focuses on a variety of genres, dance styles and eras and incorporates a wide choice of music. 

It's a great fat burner and we teach a different dance style every 6/8 weeks, so you will never get bored!

We have two levels of this class Fit2Dance and Fit2Dance50+, both taught by Lisa.

OVER 50s


Thursdays 9.35am

The class starts with 10 minutes of gentle Qichong breathing and tai chi style warm up.

This is followed by Pilates and includes the occasional use of a Pilates ball and exercise bands to help stabilise and focus on the exercises.

It is a gentle and relaxing class and taught by Martine.

OVER 60s


Tuesdays 10.35am

Thursdays 10.45am

This class, taught by Anita, is aimed at people of 60+ years of age. It consists of 30 minutes of aerobic exercise followed by 30 minutes of stretching. This combination of exercise has a number of benefits; it helps to maintain a healthy weight, reduces risk of falls by strengthening the muscles, it's linked to supporting thinking skills, boosts mood and energy levels and it’s social.

If you haven’t exercised in a while, don’t worry the class focuses on gentle exercise to help regain fitness at your own pace. However, if you are used to exercising it can be tailored to be more strenuous.