About the Better Body Club

The  Better Body Club offer a wide range of Fitness Classes using the local community centres in Warsash, Titchfield Common, Denmead & Wickham. Our classes are fun, affordable and friendly. We keep up to date with all the latest fitness trends so that you will feel confident that you are receiving the best possible advice and training whilst making new friends and having great fun!

No joining fee, no contract to sign and monthly or pay as you go payment options.

New Classes for 2020

Chair Aerobics & Tone - Denmead Community Centre on Mondays at 10.45 - with Lisa

The class will use chair based exercise routines, ideal for people who are concerned about their ability to stand while exercising. Designed to improve flexibility, aerobic health, balance and strength.

Pilates for Myofacial Balance & Efficiency - Victory Hall on Wednesdays at 9.35 - with Lisa

This class uses Pilates moves combined with a foam roller to work on the fascia, the connective tissue that permeates throughout your body. Fascia is not ‘separate’ to your muscles – it surrounds and permeates the muscles so a facial treatment by default will work on the muscles too.

Over 60s Keep Fit & Stretch - St Marys Church Hall Warsash on Thursdays at 9.45 -  with Anita

This class is aimed at people of 60+ years of age. It consists of 30 minutes of aerobic exercise followed by 30 minutes of stretching. This combination of exercise has a number of benefits; Helps to maintain a healthy weight, Reduces risk of falls by strengthening the muscles, It is linked to supporting thinking skills., Boosts mood and energy levels, It’s social – joining a class can help make friends. If you haven’t exercised in a while, don’t worry the class focuses on gentle exercise to help regain fitness at your own pace. However if you are used to exercise it can be tailored to be more strenuous.

Superficial Backline Workshop - Victory Hall Sunday 26th January 9.30am 12.30pm
(There will be a a refreshment break)
The first of our monthly workshops - this session will be lead by Lisa and will concentrate on working on the Superficial Backline. This is the net of connective tissue which reaches from the 'toes to the nose'. It starts at the plantar fascia, runs along the achilles tendon, the calf muscles, the rear thigh muscles, the sacral band, thoracolumbar fascia and the pelvis, spine, and back musculature. Problems in this area can manifest in different ways such as plantar fasciitis, tight calves, tight hamstrings and back pain. The session is £30 and will include refreshments.

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