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Cardio & Tone Classes

Abs with Pilates with Lisa

All About Abs with Lisa

Abs with Anita

Exercise Snacking with Martine

HIIT with Anita

HIIT with Martine

HIIT 1 with Lisa

HIIT 2 with Lisa

HIIT 3 with Lisa

HIIT 4 with Lisa

Jump Fit with Lisa

Jump Fit 2 with Lisa

LBT with Anita

LBT 2 with Anita

Over 50s Keep Fit with Martine

Over 50s Short HIIT Session with Martine

Step with Lisa

Strength & Tone with Lisa

Dance Fitness Classes

Ballet Bodies with Martine

Cardio Dance with Lisa

Dance Fitness with Anita

Dance Electro Swing with Lisa

Dance Flamenco Style with Lisa

Dance Hip Hop with Lisa

Dance & Tone with Anita

Introduction to Tap with Anita

Pilates Classes 

Pilates 1 with Anita

Pilates 2 with Anita

Pilates 3 with Anita

Pilates 4 with Anita

Pilates 1 with Martine

Pilates 2 with Martine

Pilates 3 with Martine

Pilates 4 with Martine

Pilates 5 - not available

Pilates 6 with Martine

Pilates 7 with Martine

Pilates 8 with Martine

Pilates 9 with Martine

Pilates 10 with Martine

Pilates 11 with Martine

Pilates 12 with Martine

Pilates 13 with Martine

Pilates 14 with Martine 

Pilates for Strength 1 with Martine

Pilates for Strength 2 with Martine

Pilates for Strength 3 with Martine

Pilates for Strength with Bands

Pilates Intensive Stretch with Lisa

Pilates Short Stretch with Martine

Pilates for the Lower Back with Martine

Tai Chi Style Classes

Tai Chi Style with Martine

Tai Chi Style in the Garden with Martine


These videos are set as private videos on You Tube - you can only access them with the links given here. Please can we ask that you do not forward these to others as they are intended for paid Better Body Club members only - many thanks.

We hope you enjoy!

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