Local Experts & Artisans

We know we have some very talented local experts and craftsmen amongst our Better Body Club members. If you are one of these and would like to share details of your  services, craft or products with our other members please send us some photos, a description of your work and your contact details - contact us here.

Kim Sexton Beauty Therapist

Kim attends lots of the Better Body Club classes, so if you are a regular you will probably have seen or met her at some point!

Kim started on her beauty therapy path many years ago. At first working from home, then progressing on to teach Beauty Therapy at a local College. Fifteen years ago she opened her own Beauty Training College and Salon in Hythe. Following this she decided to retire in December 2017 but after 6 months realised that she loved her work so much, that she has returned to do a few days a month at the Beauty Salon situated in Abshot Country Club. Here she uses the wealth of experience and expertise she has built up over the years to offer an extensive range of treatments.

You can see Kim's Beauty Menu on her Facebook page, this shows the many treatments on offer. You can book an appointment by messaging Kim through Facebook messenger or catch her in class!

LK Stevens Portrait Specialist in Oils


Since winning a competition with Lloyds bank, I always knew I could paint.  So when able, I learnt the art of oil painting with various members of the Royal Academy and am currently still studying with Sue Rubira, RS portrait painters and winner of the national portrait competition.   

So for that special, unique gift, have a portrait done in oils.  It can be a child, your pet, a favourite horse, or even your mother in law! 

Prices start at £69.00 and are dependent on size and if you don't like it, you don't need to pay for it. 

You can find examples of my work on my website

Contact me on 07766250336 or


Tony Thompson Ceramics

I have always been, in one way or another, inclined to the ‘arts’. At school in the Wirral, instead of being put forward for GCE 'O' level Art, I successfully took the Advanced Level instead, and after a Student Engineering Apprenticeship, I ended up as a draughtsman for a couple of years, followed by moving into Project Engineering. Then, in 1984, I sidestepped into computing and software within engineering, until I retired in 2009.

I’ve spent time working in pencil, pen-and-ink, watercolour, and oils, attended night school "Pottery" classes some 30 years ago, and more recently taken a course in Sculpture at the South Downs College. One thing I had learned from the little experience I had of ceramics up to that time, was that creating a object in clay and covering it in glaze, for somebody else to fire, was only part of the fun.

A couple of years ago I built a small gas fired kiln, and started exploring slip casting, hand building, glazing, and Raku. Now I'm able to work through the whole process, discovering not only the shapes, forms and textures that can be achieved with clay, but also the wonders of glazes and the colours that can be generated through varying the firing process.

Most of my work tends to be 'decorative' rather than 'functional', partially due to the processes and glazes. If you want to see more of my work, and see more of what I do, please visit my website at or visit the Southern Ceramic Group's website at


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