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The Better Body Club offer a range of Fitness Classes in the Warsash, Titchfield Common & Wickham. Our classes are fun, affordable and friendly.  We keep up to date with all the latest fitness trends so that you will feel confident that you are receiving the best possible advice and training whilst hopefully making new friends and having great fun!  We like to socialize too and regularly organise events such as our Xmas Party!


The Club was founded by Lisa Lingard in 2010.  As a fully qualified fitness professional and with over 20 years in the fitness industry she has used her knowledge and experience to build a business that now offers a huge range of classes.  There are 6 instructors working for The Better Body Club, all whom have a passion for bringing high quality classes to their clients.  We pride ourselves in being friendly and welcoming to all our clients and ensure that whatever your fitness needs, our program is so varied and exciting that there will be a class for you to attend.

The Better Body Club has a proven record of obtaining great results for it's clients.  Looking to the industry for all the latest innovations and advice we aim to always deliver classes that are safe, effective and relevant to your needs.


Our Motto is


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