over 50's & beginners keep fit

"I attend the over 50's fitness group because it makes me believe I can change my life and get fitter in a safe and unthreatening environment.  I can't think of anything worse that exercising in the company of youngsters half my age and half my size!" 

Andrea Ballard (62)

Over 50`s & Beginners

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Pilates Over 50's

The class starts with 10 minutes of gentle Qichong breathing and tai chi warm up (see adjacent video), followed by Pilates including occasional use of a Pilates ball and exercise bands to help stabilise and focus on the exercises. It is a gentle and relaxing class.


Thirty minutes of low impact dance/fitness moves to get the heart rate up and burn fat using music with a steady medium pace suitable for beginners to exercise and/or over 50's. Great routines with great music that will get you in the mood to move. Follow this with 30 minutes of Pilates exercises to help your balance, flexibility, strength and core for a great all round workout.

See our video here: https://www.facebook.com/BetterBodyClub/videos/325881204835456/

Over 50's Keep Fit & Tone (Chair Optional)

This is an all round fitness class for over 50s. It's a fun class for keeping fit and healthy, it includes some keep fit, weights, bands, balls and a fun memory section. There are no mats involved, exercises are taught in a standing position with the option to sit in a chair if you have mobility issues.

These classes are taught by Lisa & Martine.

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