Focus On Food


Focus On Food Courses

Saturdays 9.30-11.00am Victory Hall*

Wednesdays 10.45-12.00 Midday**

Victory Hall



These courses focus on staying healthy and eating well and give the opportunity for a health assessment, as well as weight and measurements tracking. In each session we will cover different relevant topics, including nutritional assessments, allergies and suggested food plans in a friendly and supportive environment. We will also include how exercise can be incorporated into your lifestyle.


*The Saturday session will be an ongoing course and run once a month, meaning clients can dip in and out as they choose. The first session is £10 (£5 for monthly members) and will be on Saturday 26th January, a welcome pack will be given out at this time. After this it will be £8 per session and £5 for monthly members.


**The Wednesday session is a more intensive 6 week course starting on Wednesday 23rd January, there is an up front fee of £40 for non members and £20 for members.


Please contact us if you would like to reserve a space on either course.


This coursesins are taught by Lisa & Martine.